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Walter Jones


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

WALTER JONES, the ORIGINAL black ranger from The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers!!!

Walter is internationally known for his creation of the character Zach, The Black Ranger from the Children’s Action Adventure Phenomenon “The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers". He has been featured as a series regular or guest star in over 150 episodes of various shows and has been featured in 7 films including Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, Malibu Shores, Star Trek: Captain Pike, The Order, Family Matters, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, NYPD Blue, Step by Step, Moesha, and The Shield among others.

Jones was the very first actor to do voicework for any character other than a Ranger (mainly for monsters or villains) on a Power Rangers show after having a role as a Ranger himself. Additionally Jones has also been featured in a PetSmart commercial and a Bank of America commercial as well. Walter is a man of many talents - he was a featured dancer at the closing ceremonies of the 1992 Olympics: Fun fact!

Walter resides in Los Angeles, California and spends his free time salsa dancing, camping, scuba diving, snowboarding, and travelling. Walter Emanuel Jones is the new generation of entertainer, teacher, and action adventurer.

Tiffany Grant

Voice Actor


Tiffany Grant is thrilled to attend the very first Gump City Comic Con! Best known as Asuka in NEON GENESIS EVANGELION, Tiffany was the first anime voice actor hired in Texas [Feb. 1994].

She’s voiced characters in 1700+ TV episodes, OVAs & movies including MARTIAN SUCCESSOR NADESICO (Ryuko Subaru), AZUMANGA DAIOH (Kaorin), CHRONO CRUSADE (Satella), BLUE SEED (Kome), INFINITE STRATOS (Laura), FMP? FUMOFFU (Bonta-kun), GODANNAR (Shizuru), FULL METAL ALCHEMIST (Marta), MARIA HOLIC (Yonakuni), ONE PIECE (Nojiko), THE WALLFLOWER (Auntie), AKAME GA KILL (Koro) and GIRLS UND PANZER (Sodoko), EXCEL SAGA (Misaki Matsuya), and THE SLAYERS (Sirene). Video game credits: UNLIMITED SAGA, DEUS EX II: INVISIBLE WAR. Recent projects include GATCHAMAN CROWDS INSIGHT, DEN-NOH COIL and AMAGI BRILLIANT PARK.

Ms. Grant has adapted English dubbing scripts for TV series such as HELLO KITTY'S ANIMATION THEATER, AH! MY GODDESS 2, THE WALLFLOWER, INFINITE STRATOS, TEARS TO TIARA, PARASYTE-THE-MAXIM and DEN-NOH COIL, as well as scripts for several subtitled projects including MIYUKI CHAN IN WONDERLAND and the live-action TOKYO - THE LAST MEGALOPOLIS.

Additionally, Tiffany contributed to the albums "Voices for Peace" and "Voices for Tolerance" www.voicesfor.org. Profits benefit charities like Doctors Without Borders. CDs and downloads: www.cdbaby.com & iTunes.

Non-anime work includes ARLINGTON ROAD (w/Jeff Bridges) and indie films LAUGHING BOY, DEAD OF KNIGHT & LARS THE EMO KID. Tiffany has years of experience in theatre and commercials and an incurable Hello Kitty addiction! For more, visit TiffanyGrant.net

We are MEGA-HYPED to have Tiffany with us this year in Montgomery!!!

John Anderson


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

John Anderson is an actor, comedian, and self-proclaimed professional "Trick Talking Meat" who hails from Birmingham, Alabama and landed his first major motion picture role as a Ravager in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. He has also starred in Sleepy Hollow, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The Case for Christ, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, MacGyver, Being Mary Jane, and Tyler Perry's Too Close to Home as well as several other television shows and movies premiering later this year. He was most recently featured in Make-up Artist Magazine for his alien movie make-up as a Hurctarian Ravager. John has been accepted into the Screen Actor's Guild (SAG) and was given his first speaking role by Oprah Winfrey in her production of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. John was also selected by James Gunn to be one of the ten Ravagers from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 to attend a surprise celebration at San Diego Comic-Con in 2016 which is now showing on CONtv. John's involvement in the Birmingham, Alabama Cosplay Community is what led to his career in acting. He can often be found volunteering at charity events around town as Batman, The Joker, and Green Arrow. He refers to himself as " Trick Talking Meat " as coined by the late Carrie Fisher during an interview she did with CNN in 1997 where she explained that the cast had shirts made up with Trick Talking Meat on them as they felt that is how George Lucas treated them on the set of Empire Strikes Back.

Don Teems


The Walking Dead

Don Teems has worked on The Walking Dead as more than 25 featured walkers. Some of his zombies appear on t-shirts, mugs, cards and various other merchandise. He is also featured on The Walking Dead exclusive pinball machine.

He has appeared in more than 100 other TV and film projects such as The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, The Originals, The Vampire Diaries, Anchorman 2, Dumb and Dumber To, Identity Theft, Trouble with the Curve, The Change Up, and most recently Billy Lynns Long Halftime Walk. He has a fan page at www.Facebook.com/DonTWDZombieTeems and he can be followed on Twitter @djsuperdon

We are super excited to have Don with us this year in Montgomery and he's just as excited to see all of you awesome geeks!

Brett Brooks

Author & Illustrator

Dust Bunny

Brett Brooks is an independent author and illustrator whose titles include the crime-noir graphic novel "Dust Bunny" and the sci-fi action tale "Deuces Wild." He has lent his talents to such companies as Disney, Hard Rock Cafe, Mars, and the CW. Brett is the co-writer to the mystery-thriller feature film "Patient," directed by Jason Sheedy and currently seeking international distribution through Shoreline Entertainment.

A native to Ozark, Alabama, Brett resides in Atlanta as an independent contractor working for various clients all over the country. He enjoys roller skating and collard greens. Be sure to follow him on his various social media outlets and find out more about him at his website www.brettbrooks.com

We are very excited to have Brett with us this year and it is always nice to have local talent share in geeky splendor!

Randy Thornton

Pro Wrestler

Pro Football

Hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana at 6'7" and 325 lbs, Randy "Swoll" Thornton has an extensive career as both a professional wrestler and professional footballer.

Randy “Big Swoll” Thornton attended the University of Houston from 1994-1998. His Pro Football career included stints with the Denver Broncos, New York Giants, Pro Football World League, Sacramento Gold Miners, and the CFL Sacramento Surge. His Pro Wrestling career was with New Japan and the WCW. Former member of the No Limit Empire with Master P.

On June 13, 1999 at The Great American Bash, Swoll assisted fellow Soldiers Konnan and Rey Misterio, Jr. in defeating the Rednecks' Curt Hennig and Bobby Duncum, Jr. On the June 24 episode of Thunder, Swoll made his in-ring debut as he and B.A. defeated Disorderly Conduct (Mean Mike and Tough Tom). At Bash at the Beach, the Soldiers (Swoll, Konnan, B.A. and Misterio, Jr.) defeated the Rednecks (Hennig, Duncum, Jr. Barry Windham and Kendall Windham) in an elimination tag team match. After defeating a few other teams over the next few weeks, Swoll and B.A. lost to the Windhams on the August 3 episode of Saturday Night, thus ending both Swoll's undefeated streak and the feud between the Soldiers and the Rednecks.

After retiring from wrestling, Thornton began working for the American Center For Character and Cultural Education. He is a born again Christian and also speaks for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Randy is an avid horseback rider and active in the professional equine community. Randy has a wonderful daughter who shares his name.


Facebook Posts


Visions Cards and Games is one of Montgomery’s oldest game stores, specializing in cards, miniatures, and board games, and the only store in the River Region with advanced or preferred status with Wizards of the Coast for Dungeons and Dragons Adventurer's League and Magic the Gathering, Konami for Yu-Gi-Oh, and Games Workshop for Warhammer. We provide a fun and inviting atmosphere for new and experienced players to enjoy their favorite games and explore new ones. We offer regular competitive tournaments for several different games, including Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Warhammer 40,000, and Star Wars: X-Wing. We also offer space for open and casual play and tables for role-playing groups to use for game sessions. Our experienced staff can answer any questions you might have about the games played in our store, assist with Magic deck building, help you pick out a board game that you'll like, or special order hard-to-find products at no extra charge for you, so come visit us and let’s play!

We're very excited to have Visions with us this year at Gump City and would like to thank them for sponsoring our Cosplay Contest and for bringing several tabletop options for everyone to play and/or purchase this year at the show! As always, let's show them some GUMP CITY LOVE, Y'ALL!!!

50 "likes" and "shares" and Regal will be giving away another pair of tickets to Gump City Con 2017!!
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Shadow Clone is a hard partying, cosplay addicted, ball of geeky energy born from the awkward pleas of the avoided and misunderstood for something fresh and relevant in their world of outcasts! When he blasts stages like a spirit bomb, he tends to leave nothing but a mushroom cloud of music and fun in his wake! Alongside turntable specialist DJ MY Name Is, Shadow Clone has been bringing the party to conventions all over the US since 2006 with panels, cosplay, dance parties and concerts! Geek Pop, Hip Hop, Nerdcore, or whatever you want to call it, his music is a fusion of any and all genres that creates a sound and environment where everyone is welcome! DJ My Name Is and Shadow Clone are always into shenanigans at conventions which can only mean one thing. It’s time to PARTY! It’s time to party hard! It’s time to party safe! But most importantly, it’s time to PARTY LIKE A GEEK!


Shadow Clone will be on the floor this year teaching folks about his musical style and offering CDs for sale and will hopefully teach us about taking a cheap trip to Japan as well! In addition to all of the awesome things he does, we're very honored to have him as our EMCEE FOR GUMP CITY CON 2017! We're glad to have this Kentucky native in Montgomery this year so let's show him some GUMP CITY LOVE, Y'ALL!!
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You know we had to share some Captain America with you! Chris Evans is definitely one of our favorites! We believe in charity and fun so it's so good to see more stuff like this!

Will we see Captain America this year at Gump City Con?! Who's going to bring some patriotic flare to the show?! 🙂

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What do you get when you mix a talking doll, a secret code and Chris Evans? THIS. Watch Chris prank fans in a comic book store and then enter for your chance to do an escape room with him: bit....

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Are you as excited about Gump City Con as we are?! YOU SHOULD BE!!

Have you gotten your tickets yet? What are you waiting for!?


We just got these posters in this week so be on the lookout for them around the River Region!

Share this post with your friends and family to let them know where to get tickets and to let them know you'll be at GUMP CITY CON 2017!!!

Regal said he's got another pair of tickets for 100 "likes" and "shares", y'all so LET'S GET TO WORK!!!
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General Admission for participants (12 & up) is $20 per ticket. Children (6-11) is $5. Children 5 and under get in free.

10% Discounts are available for Military, First Responders, and Senior Citizens. ID Required at entry.

VIP tickets are $75, only 100 are available and discounts do not apply.

1) One hour early access to the event
2) Custom Gump City Comic Con Badge
3) Custom Gump City Comic Con Lanyard
4) Custom Gump City Comic Con T-Shirt
5) Free Meal Voucher at Concessions

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