No convention can operate successfully without the hard work of dedicated volunteers.  Do you want to help make The GTSouth Building at Gump City Con run smoothly?  Do you like to get involved?  Submit an application and we will get back to you. Oh and Volunteers get in to the Con FREE!  Thank you for your interest!

  • Tournament Monitor - Watches for who wins, reports winners to game director, handles any GTSouth controllers and gets them back so not stolen.
  • Setup/Teardown - We are setting up most things Friday (Will have more details as we get closer) Teardown/cleanup starts at 7pm, We need to clear our building and have everything ready at the bar by 8 to begin transition to after party. (Note your availability for either or both in General feedback question.
  • Tournament Check-in- Checks people into Smash, and collects entry fees and does signups for the other fighters
  • Security - Extra hands to make sure everyone has a good time and no underage get in the bar area. (21+ only position)
  • Runner/Floater - relieves people, barbacking, one may need to do store runs if we get slammed more than we thinkg.
  • Afterparty Support - same as Runner/Floater but at bar afterparty. There will probably be more people than we have ever had so this is just a backup if we need you.